Partial Dentures

For someone who has a missing tooth or missing teeth, partial dentures are a very inexpensive way to replace them. Having partial dentures will eliminate the need to cut the teeth down to accommodate having surgery, fixed bridges or crowns placed in the mouth.

During the fitting process for partial dentures, the upper and lower teeth will have impressions built as well as a bite registration. This is so the dentist can see exactly how the lower and upper teeth fit together. When the space between the upper and lower teeth don’t have the required space needed for the dentures, adjustments will be made to the teeth that allows the proper spacing before the impressions are made.

Next, the model is sent off to a lab that builds the partial dentures. They can be made out of a plastic variety, an all-plastic variety or metal. The completed dentures are then sent back to the dental office.

Minor adjustments will be made to fit the partial dentures to the mouth to be sure they go in and out of place easily. The retentive clasps that hold them in can be made out of a cosmetic variety or metal.

Removable partial dentures should be taken out of the mouth and cleaned and then replaced back in the mouth. These differ from the fixed partial dentures that are attached to adjacent teeth.

Oftentimes, partial dentures can be fitted and the patient will still develop some sore spots. If there is too much pressure on the gums, the patient may need to have the dentures adjusted to a better fit. This will relieve the pressure.

Removable partial dentures are more inexpensive than other types of teeth replacement, but also inferior to a fixed replacement of a tooth or teeth. One problem that can exist with partial dentures is that they can cause decay on the teeth around them because they loosen them up. Some patients find them to be uncomfortable.

Regardless, partial dentures are a wonderful option for people wanting to replace missing teeth. They are easy to fit and simple to get used to. If you feel you may benefit from having partial dentures, talk to your dentist soon.