Dentures, also termed false teeth, are one type of prosthetic device to help replace your missing teeth. These devices are supported with both hard and soft tissues of your oral cavity. The conventional dentures can be removed, but there are a number of different designs available in dentures. Some of these designs rely upon clasping or bonding onto your teeth or dental implants. Depending on what teeth the dentures are intended to replace, they fall into one of two categories.

Causes of Loss of Teeth

A number of different reasons exist as to why individuals can end up without teeth. Most of the time, the cause is attributed to dental disease. Some of the other reasons why tooth defects occur are attributed to genetic defects, severe malnutrition, drug use or trauma.

Advantages to Dentures

Dentures have been shown to help patients through some of the following:

  • Mastication – This chewing ability can be dramatically improved by replacing any open areas with dentures.
  • Aesthetics – Since the presence of your teeth help to provide you with a natural facial appearance, wearing dentures can help to replace the missing teeth that are used to provide support to your cheeks and lips, as well as correcting and collapsed areas that result from lost teeth.
  • Self-esteem levels are significantly improved with dentures in place to help provide a full smile once again.
  • Pronunciation of Words – If a word contains fricatives or sibilants, it will become easier to pronounce words thanks to dentures. When anteriors are replaced, the individual will be able to speak clearer.

Removable Partial Dentures

Removable dentures are for those who are only missing a portion of their teeth osn a pecific arch. If you have a fixed partial, such as that of a crown and bridge, they are composed from a crown affixed to your remaining teeth to act as an abutment and pontic composed of materials that look similar to that of your missing teeth. A fixed bridge is a lot more expensive than those that can be removed, but they are considerably more stable.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are those that are worn by individuals who are missing their entire row of teeth in a single arch.

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